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675 USD
700 USD
Timed auction
Lot location
Salt Lake City, Utah
Shelf of 9mm
PRIVATE** Ammunition Auction 01-31-2023
Venue address
954 S 4400 W St 390
Salt Lake City, UT
United States
PRIVATE** Ammunition Auction 01-31-2023

Important Note:Restrictions:*only those with a FFL, active law enforcement & active military can participate in the auction.

  • Email credentials to call 801-355-6655 w/ any questions.
  • Pickup Tuesday 9-4pm & Wed. 8am-12pm
Auction dates
Starts: Dec 21, 2022 08:00 AM MT
Ends from: Jan 31, 2023 08:00 AM MT
Auction currency
Accepted cards
Other payment methods

Pickup details: Tuesday from 9am-4pm & Wed. from 8am-12pm


 Terms of auction/common questions 
ONLY THOSE WITH AN FFL, LAW ENFORCEMENT OR ACTIVE MILITARY ARE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.  Please email credentials to Everything is selling “as is, where is,” what you see is what you get.  All sales are final.  All items will sell absolute with no reserve prices.   No guarantees or warranties.  We do not represent any of the ammo manufacturers therefore you are purchasing the items as recovered freight.  No collusion is allowed at the auction.  To bid at the auction all bidders are required to register through Bidspotter’s website and by registering you are agreeing to the terms listed below.  There is no fee to register.  There will be a 5% Buyer’s premium in effect for the auction.

By making a bid, Bidder accepts the terms and conditions below and will be bound by them.

Everything will be sold “as is, where is”, with no guarantee of any kind, regardless of statement of condition made from the auction block.  What you see is what you get.  All items will sell absolute with no reserve prices.  No guarantees or warranties.  ERKELENS & OLSON AUCTIONEERS (E&O) does not represent any of the ammo manufacturers therefore you are purchasing the items as recovered freight.  E&O makes no warranty, expressed or implied. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor of items for sale.  Buyers shall rely entirely on their own inspection and information.  No collusion is allowed.

EVERYTHING MUST BE PAID IN FULL ON THE DAY OF THE AUCTION.  Payment is due immediately after the close of the auction.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.   The record of sales kept by the auctioneer and clerk will be taken as final.   If an item purchased is deemed to be proprietary the customer is required to return the item for a full refund of the auction hammer price.  The bidder is responsible for knowing which item he/she is bidding on.  If he/she is unsure, the bidder should inquire or not bid.  When you become the winning bidder at auction you have effected a contract and will be expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful bidder. Announcements made the day of the sale take precedence over written or advertised announcements, but do not alter, in any way, the terms and conditions of the sale.

Auction Catalog & photos/Google photo gallery are meant as a guide only.  We do not guarantee the counts or the accuracy of the photos. The lot descriptions are meant merely as a guide and we do not guarantee the counts or descriptions described therein.  ERKELENS & OLSON AUCTIONEERS reserves the right to group lots, reduce or add quantity to lots, add lots, or delete lots.  ERKELENS & OLSON AUCTIONEERS makes every effort to accurately describe all items, but there is the possibility of error. ERKELENS & OLSON AUCTIONEERS is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of merchandise.  

A 5% Buyer’s Premium will be applied to all purchases.  Sales tax will be charged to all purchases unless the buyer has proof of a sales tax exemption number.

All those wishing to participate at the auction are required to register through our website.  Bidders must have a Federal Firearms License, be an active member of the military or law enforcement to particpate in the auciton.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please email your credentials to There is no fee to register.  All auction items start at $25 dollars and go in $25 dollar increments.

Forms of payment
Cash, credit/debit card or Venmo.  Credit/debit cards are accepted with no fee.  Erkelens & Olson will collect payment either in person at the auction warehouse or through Bidspotter’s payment portal.  At the end of the auction we will email you your invoice with a link to enter in your credit card.  Then you are able to print your invoice or you are welcome to pay at the auction counter.  If the Payment Due is not received by 2pm after the conclusion fo the auction, the bidder unconditionally authorizes Erkelens & Olson to charge any credit card on file for the amount due.

Auction Process
The auction is open to the public and is an online timed auction.  There are no in person previews.  Only those who have purchased items are allowed into the auction house.  NO CHILDREN PLEASE.  Each online timed auction will follow a numerical order known as the “lot list.”  The auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids in any increment he feels is in the best interest of his client, the seller.  The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bidding of any person whose conduct, actions, or adverse comments he feels are not in the best interest of the seller.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Buyers are responsible for removal of their items by the date and specified time(or times) of each auction.   After an item has been sold, it becomes the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  Bidders must have their paid invoice in hand to show proof of purchase.  Pallet jacks/cardboard boxes will be provided to assist in removal of the items.  Pallets, gaylord boxes, and wire bins are property of the auction house.  Erkelens & Olson will have staff in place to ensure the correct items are being removed from the auction house.  Every effort is made to “guard” the lots/product throughout the auction; however, the bidder becomes solely responsible for all items purchased by him/her immediately following his/her winning bid. Therefore, he/she is advised to further guard his items at his own discretion.  Purchases will not be released until the invoice is paid in full.  While every effort has been made to dispose of brand-name counterfeits there is no claim to the authenticity or value of any item. If the successful buyer has reason to believe the item is counterfeit, he or she must notify someone at the facility prior to leaving the premises. The item in question will be immediately destroyed with no further investigation into the authenticity, and no adjustment will be made to the amount paid for the lot.

Please contact ERKELENS & OLSON AUCTIONEERS at 801.355.6655 or with any questions.



Auction Ends:
Tuesday January 3125 at 8am (each lot will soft end 15 seconds after each other)
Address:  954 S 4400 West Ste 390 Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Pickup: Tuesday 9am-4pm & Wed 8am-12pm

5% Buyers Premium 

7.75% Sales tax 


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